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NBA 2K18 On Switch Won't Feature Face Scanning At Launch

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The Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 plays smoothly, but it will not be compatible with the MyNBA2K18 face-scanning application at launch, per Operation Sports' Steve Noah.

Nintendo Switch has only been available since March, but we're already at a point where we've learned to expect lesser versions of the games on the console that also appear on the PS4 and Xbox One. If nothing else, we've been conditioned to look for delayed releases for some secondary features.

The late release of the face-scanning option fits into that category.

For those who are unaware, the face-scanning option allows gamers to take a photo-realistic image of themselves on a mobile device, which transfers to the console game for use in the MyPlayer/MyCareer mode. It's the most popular mode by NBA 2K fans for multiple years running.The application went live on Wednesday, but it's currently only synced

The mobile application went live on Wednesday, but it's currently only synced with PS4, Xbox Live, and Steam. There's seemingly a missing quadrant in the menu which will presumably be filled by the Switch once the tech is ready.

We haven't been given an exact date for Switch compatibility, but we're hoping it doesn't take as long as it took online play to arrive for NBA Playgrounds. Obviously, the two games come front different developers, but that delay is probably a worst-case scenario.

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